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Post Malone Bud Light Super Bowl 2024 Commercial Deeper Yahoo Sports

Post Malone's Super Bowl commercial for Bud Light is as heartfelt as his moving rendition of "America the Beautiful."

Post Malone is not just a Grammy-nominated rapper and musician but also a familiar face at Super Bowl events. At Super Bowl LVIII, he delivered a moving rendition of "America the Beautiful" to kick off the game. But that's not all - he also starred in a Bud Light commercial that has captured many hearts.

The commercial features Post Malone enjoying a wild night out with friends, courtesy of the "Bud Light genie." From a bar to a house party with a gate-crashing T-Rex, Posty keeps the energy high with a bottle of Bud Light in hand. However, this is not just any celebrity endorsement. Post Malone's connection to Bud Light runs deep, as this is his third consecutive year starring in a Super Bowl commercial for the brand.

In an interview with Billboard, Post Malone revealed his emotional connection to Bud Light, recalling the first time he tried the beer at the legal age of 21. He described how it made him feel comfortable and has been his "beer blankie" ever since. It's clear that everyone has their go-to comfort food or drink, and for Post Malone, it's Bud Light.

Post Malone's collaborations with Bud Light go beyond commercials, including a special collection of Bud Light bottle cap charms to go with his limited-edition line of Crocs. He's not shy about declaring his love for his "beer blankie." And when it comes to food, Post Malone can't resist childhood comfort foods like chicken nuggets or a classic Raising Cane's combo meal, stating that he eats like he's 4 and wants to live like he's 4. This may explain his enduring love for his first beer.

Looking ahead, Post Malone expressed his intention to continue his Super Bowl tradition with Bud Light, suggesting that they do a commercial every year until everyone is sick of seeing him. It's safe to say that many fans would raise a bottle of beer to that idea.

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