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Troy Aikman scrutiny 2019 Patrick Mahomes hot take Chiefs QB wins 3rd Super Bowl title

Troy Aikman's old tweet about Patrick Mahomes backfires after Mahomes wins Super Bowl, Twitter users roast Aikman.

Troy Aikman learned a hard lesson about social media and time on Sunday night into Monday. He attempted to downplay the hype around Patrick Mahomes in a post from September 2019. However, the Chiefs quarterback solidified himself as one of the all-time great players as he led Kansas City to a Super Bowl championship on Sunday.

The Athletic's Kansas City account pointed out that Mahomes had thrown 36% of Aikman's career touchdowns in about 8% of the games. Aikman responded by saying, "Talk to me when he has 33% of my Super Bowl Titles." However, nearly five years later, Mahomes has surpassed Aikman in Super Bowl titles.

Social media was quick to remind Aikman of his comments. Journalist Roland Martin pointed out that Mahomes now has three Super Bowl rings. SiriusXM's Andreas Hale also noted that Mahomes has won three MVPs. CBS Sports' Shehan Jeyarajah highlighted that Mahomes has thrown 132% of Aikman's passing touchdowns and won 100% of his Super Bowls in about 58% of his career games.

Kansas City Sports Network's account added that Mahomes would go on to earn 100% of Aikman's Super Bowl titles before turning 29 years old. Aikman congratulated the Chiefs on their win, acknowledging the amazing run they are on.

Mahomes has put up impressive numbers in the postseason, with 5,135 passing yards and 41 touchdowns in 18 games. He is also on a seven-game winning streak after winning back-to-back titles. In comparison, Aikman had 3,849 passing yards and 23 touchdown passes in 16 postseason games.

It's clear that Mahomes has made a significant impact in a relatively short amount of time, and his success has surpassed Aikman's career achievements.

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