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Trump Meets His Favorite Judge Aileen Cannon Face To Face

Trump makes an unusual appearance at court to meet with the judge he nominated, continuing a trend of showing up at court.

Former President Donald Trump made an unexpected appearance in federal court to meet with U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon for the first time. While Trump was not required to attend the session, he chose to do so, continuing his recent trend of appearing at court proceedings to highlight his claims of persecution.

The meeting included a four-and-a-half hour hearing with Trump's legal team, during which they and lawyers for his co-defendants presented defense theories outside the presence of prosecutors. This is part of the process to address classified evidence in the case.

Judge Cannon has been accused of favoring Trump's defense from the bench and has been admonished by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals for her rulings in Trump's favor in the classified documents case. Despite credible concerns about witness intimidation, Cannon has ruled that Jack Smith must provide Trump with an unredacted list of witnesses.

Trump's sudden appearance at these meetings suggests that he may be attempting to woo Cannon while also seeking attention for himself. It's worth noting that Trump's campaign struggles to receive mainstream coverage unless he is in court.

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