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Lent: Exploring Christian Practices and Observances Leading to Easter Sunday

Fox News' Pete Hegseth explores birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ in Israel. Lent is a time for spiritual growth.

Lent is a significant tradition for millions of Christians worldwide, leading up to Easter Sunday. This season of reflection and devotion begins on Ash Wednesday, a day for Christians to reflect on their own mortality and strengthen their relationship with God. Lent involves fasting, prayer, and self-examination, commemorating the 40 days that Jesus Christ fasted in the desert. The goal is to understand the temptation that Jesus overcame and to foster a deeper connection with God. Ash Wednesday involves receiving ashes on the forehead in the form of a cross, symbolizing mortality and repentance. Throughout Lent, Christians engage in acts of charity, self-reflection, and communal worship, culminating in a celebration of Christ's resurrection. The season encourages self-discipline, repentance, and a mindful journey toward Easter's celebration of resurrection, as well as a closer relationship with God and embracing the spiritual essence of Easter. Lent is not just about abstaining from indulgences; it is a conscious effort to redirect focus towards prayer and fostering a deeper connection with the divine.

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