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Leonardo DiCaprio snubs Kanye West at Super Bowl event

Kanye West gets cold shoulder from Leonardo DiCaprio at Super Bowl, as celebs avoid him due to controversial behavior.

Kanye West had a tough time at the Super Bowl, with reports indicating that even his old friend Leonardo DiCaprio gave him the cold shoulder in an awkward encounter. According to Page Six, the musician and his wife were moving between VIP suites when they entered the Raising Cane's box where DiCaprio was. Sources claim that while DiCaprio definitely saw him, he didn't acknowledge his presence. The pair used to be friendly, with Kanye even performing at DiCaprio's birthday party, so this change in their relationship is harsh. However, it's clear that celebs are avoiding Kanye due to his controversial behavior. Other celebrities in the suite also didn't give him the time of day, and it was revealed that he wasn't even invited to the suite. It seems like Kanye was just trying to mooch off them, and it backfired on him. It's clear that he no longer has the appeal or sympathy that he once did, and it's all his own doing. What do you think of this situation?

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