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Sports field threatens wetland oasis in 7MB area

Dart's plan to build a football field threatens the last wetland in Seven Mile Beach, and activists are calling for its protection.

Dart's proposal to build a 710sqft professional-grade AstroTurf football pitch with a pavilion, changing rooms, and a practice field poses a direct threat to one of the last areas of wetland in the Seven Mile Beach corridor. This site acts as a vital drainage area for low-lying and low-density neighborhoods and is home to a diverse array of local flora and fauna.

Despite the potential impact of the project on the surrounding wetlands, the Central Planning Authority will only consider objections from owners within one thousand feet of the proposed sports ground. Environmental activists are calling on the public to voice their objections to the Department of Planning, their member of parliament, and Dart.

The wetland site was nominated for purchase by the government under the National Conservation Act in 2022 and remains under consideration for protection. However, the proposed project threatens to replace natural mitigation against flooding with a manmade water pump system, raising concerns about its sustainability.

Local residents and environmental advocates have highlighted the importance of the wetland as a habitat for a variety of birds, land animals, and fish. They have expressed concerns about the potential impact of the project on the surrounding communities and the environment. Furthermore, they have emphasized the need to protect the wetlands as a valuable natural asset.

Activists have also raised questions about the constitutional implications of developments that remove critical ecosystems, particularly in light of the need to protect the environment and future generations. They have advocated for the preservation of the wetlands and the creation of nature-based activities in the area to support biodiversity without negatively impacting neighboring communities.

The proposed project has sparked widespread concern among local residents and environmental advocates, who are calling for the protection of the wetlands and the reconsideration of the project's potential impact on the surrounding area. They are urging the public to voice their objections and raise awareness of the importance of preserving the wetlands as a vital natural resource.

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