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Vision Pro vs Quest 3: A comparison of the two devices

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg says Meta's "Quest is the better product, period" than Apple's Vision Pro. The headsets have different strengths.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently took to Instagram to share his thoughts on Apple's Vision Pro, stating that Meta's "Quest is the better product, period." This comes as no surprise, given the rivalry between the two tech giants.

Zuckerberg's comments have sparked a conversation about the pros and cons of both headsets. Colette Bennett, a senior tech editor and Quest 3 owner, and Jacob Krol, a senior tech reporter and Vision Pro owner, recently discussed their experiences with the two devices.

Bennett, an early adopter of VR, praised the Quest 3 for its affordability and usability, noting that it has been a valuable tool for exercise and gaming. However, she expressed a desire for higher fidelity and resolution, which she believes the Vision Pro offers. Krol, on the other hand, highlighted the Vision Pro's impressive hardware and seamless interface, but acknowledged its high price point.

The conversation turned to the gaming capabilities of the two headsets, with Bennett expressing her desire for more AAA games on the Vision Pro. Krol shared his optimism about the future of gaming on the Vision Pro, citing its M2 chip and compatibility with Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

When asked about the mixed-reality experience, Krol favored the Vision Pro, citing its ease of use and processing power. Bennett, while acknowledging the Vision Pro's strengths, expressed her loyalty to Apple and her satisfaction with the company's products.

In conclusion, both Bennett and Krol agreed that the Vision Pro offers a superior mixed-reality experience, but they expressed hope for a more affordable version in the future. The conversation highlighted the ongoing competition between Meta and Apple in the VR space and the potential for innovation and growth in the industry.

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