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"Keys demands Premier League rule change after Man City vs Chelsea observation"

Richard Keys calls for Premier League rule change after spotting Chelsea's Conor Gallagher wearing torn socks, sparking debate on player safety.

Richard Keys has called for a change in Premier League rules after observing Chelsea midfielder Conor Gallagher wearing socks with holes in them during their match against Manchester City. Keys expressed his disapproval of players cutting holes in their kit and urged the Premier League to ban this practice.

Many footballers believe that wearing socks with holes can reduce the risk of injury, as they feel that the tightness of the socks increases the likelihood of muscle injuries. Players like Gallagher, Jude Bellingham, Bukayo Saka, and Kyle Walker have been seen cutting holes in their socks to alleviate the pressure on their calves.

Keys took to social media to express his frustration, stating that there is no need for players to modify their kit in this way and referencing the fact that La Liga rules prohibit torn kit. Despite this, Bellingham has not faced any penalties for cutting holes in his socks, and his teammate Brahim Diaz has even followed suit.

Diaz explained that he noticed his calves swelling and decided to emulate Bellingham's approach in the hopes of avoiding injury. However, Bellingham is currently sidelined with an ankle injury, and Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has praised Diaz for stepping up in his absence.

Ancelotti commended Diaz for his performance in Bellingham's absence, highlighting the team's resilience in the face of numerous injuries throughout the season. Despite facing a tough opponent in RB Leipzig, Real Madrid secured a 1-0 victory, with Diaz scoring the winning goal.

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