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Dana White Confirms Conor McGregor Not Considered UFC 300, Casts Doubt 2024 Return

UFC CEO Dana White reveals light heavyweight title fight at UFC 300, blames Conor McGregor for delay in booking return.

Dana White, the CEO of the UFC, recently announced that the main event for UFC 300 will be a light heavyweight title fight between Alex Pereira and Jamahal Hill. This news comes on the heels of Ilia Topuria's surprising knockout of Alexander Volkanovski to claim the featherweight world title in Anaheim. White also addressed the struggles of putting together the landmark card at the UFC 298 post-fight presser, revealing that Conor McGregor was never in the running to headline the event despite rumors suggesting otherwise.

When questioned about the delay in booking McGregor's return, White placed the blame squarely on McGregor's shoulders, citing complications with money, the fighter's recent film commitments, and the need for press for the movie. This seems to contradict McGregor's frustration over the delay, as he expressed in an interview with talkSPORT in December. McGregor voiced his disappointment with the lack of communication from the UFC and the constant delays in his return, stating that his patience is running thin.

This conflicting information leaves fans wondering who is truly to blame for McGregor's delayed return. While it may be impossible to know the full truth, it does seem that McGregor's previously guaranteed return in 2024 may no longer be valid. The uncertainty surrounding McGregor's return has left many UFC fans eagerly anticipating his next fight, but it remains to be seen when that will actually happen.

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