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Last Epoch Game Review: Is It Worth Playing in 2022?

"Last Epoch is an action RPG with smart mechanics for bartering gear and ranking up affiliation. But it lacks combat impact."

Last Epoch is an action RPG that has garnered attention for its innovative trading system, but there is much more to this game than meets the eye. The game offers a unique approach to trading, allowing players to opt out of joining the Merchant's Guild and instead join the Circle of Fortune, which increases item drops and allows players to find better gear through traditional means.

In addition to its trading system, Last Epoch also boasts a loot filter that allows players to customize which gear affixes they want to see, as well as a crafting system that allows for the upgrading and modification of gear. These features have been developed with extensive community feedback during the game's early access period, resulting in a game that fills a niche between the simplicity of Diablo and the complexity of Path of Exile.

While Last Epoch excels in its item mechanics, the combat leaves something to be desired. The lack of impact and feedback in combat can make it difficult to gauge the effectiveness of attacks, and the gender-locked classes and limited ability mapping can feel restrictive. However, the game does offer a variety of options for customizing abilities, allowing for specialization and enhancement of skills.

In terms of story and narrative, Last Epoch follows a familiar pattern in the action RPG genre, with a powerful artifact that has been split into shards and requires collecting. The game also features time travel mechanics that allow players to revisit areas at different periods, adding a unique twist to the gameplay.

Ultimately, Last Epoch is a game that will appeal to loot enthusiasts and theorycrafters, but may leave action-focused players wanting more. Its innovative trading and crafting systems, combined with its unique approach to ability customization, make it a game worth exploring for fans of the genre.

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