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Optoma UHZ66 review: super bright fast gaming projector Stuff

The Optoma UHZ66 is a laser-powered 4K HDR projector with bright, big images and fast response times, perfect for gaming.

The Optoma UHZ66 is a groundbreaking projector that uses laser technology to produce stunning 4K HDR images, specifically designed for the gaming community. With an impressive 4000 lumens output, this DLP beamer can easily light up a massive 300-inch screen, making it perfect for gaming and movie nights alike. The input lag is incredibly low, ranging from 17ms to as low as 4ms, ensuring a seamless and responsive gaming experience.

In terms of design, the UHZ66 sticks to the traditional DLP projector blueprint, featuring a compact white plastic chassis, a lens offset to the right, and exhaust vents for cooling on both sides. The build quality is decent, and at just 3kg, it's relatively lightweight, making installation a breeze. The limited lens controls may require some physical adjustment for vertical and horizontal orientation, but the 1.6x zoom can create a 100-inch image from a distance of around 2m, and up to a massive 300-inch image for larger rooms.

While the single-chip DLP design provides a super-sharp image, it does come with the downside of 'rainbow' artifacts caused by the built-in color wheel. Additionally, the color wheel can produce a high-pitched noise, and the fans, while effective at keeping the projector cool, can be fairly loud. However, the 4000 lumens of light output allow for use in rooms with white walls or ambient light, providing versatility in different environments.

The UHZ66 offers two HDMI 2.0 inputs, RS-232/LAN connectors, a 3.5mm audio output, and a USB port for power at the rear. It supports resolutions up to Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) and features HDR10 and HLG support, with effective tone mapping for high dynamic range content. The projector also fully supports 3D, making it a versatile choice for those with a collection of 3D Blu-rays.

In terms of picture quality, the UHZ66 excels with bright and punchy big-screen images, exceptional sharpness, and impressive HDR performance. The inherent brightness ensures excellent SDR and HDR images, and the motion handling is smooth and artifact-free. However, the projector struggles with black levels, and the color reproduction is limited to Rec.709, affecting the full gamut of colors.

For gaming, the UHZ66 delivers superb motion and incredibly low latency, making it ideal for next-gen gamers. With support for 4K at 60Hz and 1080p Full HD at 240Hz, the projector promises buttery smooth motion and lightning-fast response times, creating a highly enjoyable gaming experience.

Overall, the Optoma UHZ66 is a solid and affordable DLP projector that excels in producing bright and vibrant images, making it an ideal choice for gaming and movie enthusiasts. While it may have some limitations, such as black levels and color reproduction, it offers impressive performance and features for its price point.

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