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Amy Schumer diagnosed Cushing syndrome critics commented appearance

Amy Schumer opens up about her diagnosis of Cushing syndrome, urging fans to advocate for their health and be kinder.

Comedian Amy Schumer recently made headlines when she received comments about her appearance while promoting her show "Life & Beth." She admitted that her face was "puffier than normal" and revealed that she has been diagnosed with Cushing syndrome, specifically exogenous Cushing syndrome, which is caused by taking a large amount of synthetic steroids over time. Schumer also has endometriosis, which can be treated with these steroids.

In a newsletter interview with Jessica Yellin, Schumer shared that she feels reborn and expressed relief that her diagnosis is not fatal, requiring brain surgery, or the removal of adrenal glands. She recounted the difficulties she faced during press interviews while dealing with her health issues, including spending hours in MRI machines and facing the possibility of not being around to see her son grow up.

Despite the critical comments she received about her appearance, Schumer is grateful for them because they led her to realize that something was wrong. She emphasized the importance of advocating for women's health and fighting against the shaming and criticism of their ever-changing bodies. Schumer wants women to love themselves, be relentless in fighting for their health, and seek proper medical care for conditions such as endometriosis and hyperemesis gravidarum.

Acknowledging her privilege in having resources for her health, Schumer expressed gratitude and a commitment to using her voice to continue fighting for women. She concluded her message by urging everyone to be kinder to each other and themselves, as everyone is struggling with something.

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