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Elimination Chamber 2024: Rhea Ripley retains WWE PLE title

Rhea Ripley retains WWE Women's World Championship against Nia Jax in main event of Elimination Chamber 2024 in Australia.

Rhea Ripley was the standout star of the WWE's most recent premium live event, Elimination Chamber 2024. In a highly emotional match against Nia Jax, Ripley successfully defended her WWE Women's World Championship in front of her family and home country of Australia. This win now sets her up to face the winner of the women's Elimination Chamber match, Becky Lynch, at WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia.

The main event between Ripley and Jax was a grueling battle, with both women delivering punishing chops and submission maneuvers. The match saw Ripley attempt an inhuman powerbomb on Jax, only to have it countered by Jax with a Samoan Drop onto the announce desk. However, Ripley was able to regain control and secure the victory with a suplex off the second rope and a decisive Riptide.

The night also featured the Women's Elimination Chamber 2024 match, where Becky Lynch emerged victorious, earning herself a championship bout at Wrestlemania. The match was hard-fought, with Bianca Belair and Liv Morgan also showing strong performances. Following her win, Lynch took to social media to send a message, emphasizing that WrestleMania can't be spelled without "The Man."

Overall, Elimination Chamber 2024 was a night filled with memorable moments and international significance, showcasing the talent and determination of the WWE's female superstars.

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