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WWE Elimination Chamber 2024: Undisputed Tag Team Championship Match Highlights - OtakuKart

WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 was a wild ride, with The Judgment Day emerging victorious in an action-packed event.

The WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Premium Live Event is a crucial pay-per-view as WrestleMania 40 approaches. It has now concluded, marking a significant obstacle on the road to WrestleMania, featuring numerous thrilling moments.

Matches for WrestleMania 40 have been announced, and Australian fans have shown great enthusiasm for WWE. Let's dive into all the details of Elimination Chamber 2024: Perth as we unveil the full rundown, highlights, results, and Chamber PLE winners for this year.

Dominik Mysterio took the microphone to introduce The Judgment Day as the Ring Announcer made an appearance. The Aussie crowd greeted him warmly. The match kicked off after Dom was eliminated from the ring by Bate and Dunne.

Fired up, Bate swiftly took down Finn Balor with a splash and a standing moonsault. Pete Dunne then targeted Finn Balor's hand, trampling over the elbow and spreading his fingers. Bate followed up with a senton from the top rope. Damian Priest then hit Bate with a powerful right hand after being tagged in.

Priest tagged Balor in after hitting Bate with a Falcon Arrow. Finn locked Bate's neck in a sleeper hold, but Bate managed to break free. Priest prevented Bate from tagging Dunne after being tagged in, punishing Bate in the corner.

Dom hit Bate while the priest distracted the referee. Priest attempted to finish the match, but Dunne broke the pin. After hurling Dunne outside the ring, Priest tagged Balor in. Bate retaliated by taking out Balor and Priest with a moonsault from the top rope to the outside.

Bate viciously clotheslined Balor after being tagged in, and Priest did the same to Bate after being tagged in. Balor blind tagged in and they both gained control over Bate. Balor used the bottom rope to stomp on Bate, but Bate turned it into a swing.

Priest tried to attack, but Bate took him on the shoulder and took him for a long ride. Bate tagged in Dunne, who leaped over Priest. Dom took Balor's leg to the rope as Dunne hit his finisher and attempted to pin him.

Balor attempted to hit the Coupe de Grace, but Dunne intervened. Priest broke the pin after Bate and Dunne hit a double Tyler Driver. Priest tried to gain the upper hand but was defeated by a double elbow strike from Dunne and a Burming-hammer from Bate. Priest was then taken to the corner by Bate and Dunne, who punched him. The Judgment Day emerged victorious with a Vertical Super-plex from Balor and a Chokeslam from Priest.

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