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Michelle Troconis family reacts guilty verdict

Troconis family tearfully defends Michelle, claiming innocence in disappearance case. Criticize media and police for unfair treatment. Verdict met with disbelief.

The Troconis family, in a tearful address to reporters in Stamford, CT, adamantly proclaimed Michelle's innocence in the disappearance of Jennifer Farber Dulos. Through their tears, they stood strong in their belief that Michelle is not responsible for the crime.

Claudia Troconis, Michelle's sister, spoke with conviction, stating, "We are certain that she is innocent and I know that only time will prove it to you guys." The family, facing the media they had encountered numerous times before, did not hold back in expressing their frustration with the trial process.

Marisela Troconis, another of Michelle's sisters, spoke out against what she perceived as an unfair trial. She accused the media of attacking and harassing their family from day one. The emotional toll of the trial was evident in their words and actions.

Clara Duperon, a friend of Michelle who testified for the defense, criticized the state for not subpoenaing her for further questioning. She questioned why the police did not interview her when she was part of the timeline and mentioned in the warrant. Duperon's frustration was palpable as she expressed her disbelief at being left out of the investigation.

While the Troconis family expressed sympathy for Jennifer's children, they firmly believe that Michelle is being unfairly punished. Marisela Arreaza, Michelle's mother, emphasized that the mystery surrounding Jennifer's disappearance persists, despite Michelle's incarceration. She firmly stated, "She never knew," indicating Michelle's lack of involvement in the crime.

Michelle's daughter, absent from the courtroom during the verdict, was informed shortly after. The family's unwavering support for Michelle was evident in their emotional statements and unwavering belief in her innocence. The trial may be over, but the Troconis family continues to fight for justice and truth to prevail.

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