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Haiti curfew gangs overrun largest prisons

Haiti imposes curfew after violence erupts, with gangs freeing inmates and attacking state institutions. State of emergency declared.

Authorities in Haiti have implemented a nighttime curfew in an effort to regain control of the streets following a violent weekend. Gang members overran the country's two largest prisons, freeing inmates and causing chaos. A state of emergency lasting 72 hours was declared, with the government vowing to capture the escaped criminals.

Finance Minister Patrick Boivert, acting as prime minister in Ariel Henry's absence, instructed the police to enforce the curfew and apprehend offenders using all legal means. Henry had traveled abroad to seek support for a UN-backed security force to combat crime groups in Haiti.

The emergency decree was issued after a weekend of intense violence, including coordinated attacks by gangs on state institutions. The National Penitentiary was attacked, leading to the escape of nearly all inmates. The prison was left deserted, with bodies and debris strewn across the premises.

Amid the chaos, former Colombian soldiers accused in the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse remained in the prison, pleading for their lives in a video circulated on social media. The situation in Haiti continued to deteriorate, with gunmen occupying the football stadium and engaging in violent acts across the capital.

The Biden administration expressed grave concern over the security situation in Haiti, urging American citizens to leave the country. The lack of security and ongoing violence have raised doubts about the government's ability to maintain order.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry, facing pressure to resign, has struggled to address the escalating violence and instability in the country. Gangs, led by figures like Jimmy Chérizier, have intensified their attacks, targeting key institutions and officials.

As Haiti grapples with a surge in violence and lawlessness, the future remains uncertain. The government's ability to restore order and ensure the safety of its citizens is in question, with the international community closely monitoring the situation.

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