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Instagram Facebook down Users unable login outage causes frustration

Google to restore Indian apps on Play Store, confirms minister Ashwini Vaishnaw. Instagram and Facebook face widespread service disruption.

Google has announced that it will be restoring Indian apps on the Play Store, as confirmed by Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw. This news comes at a time when Instagram and Facebook users worldwide are facing a widespread service disruption. Users are unable to access the platforms, view photos, or profile pictures, leading to frustration and prompting them to seek alternative social media platforms to express their discontent.

The outage has impacted users in India and several other countries, with over 19,290 reports of outages logged in India alone. Major cities are the most affected, but users in Australia, Brazil, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States have also experienced disruptions. Meta, the owner of Instagram and Facebook, has not provided any official communication on the outage, but it has been confirmed that WhatsApp, another platform owned by Meta, is unaffected.

The disruption is believed to be caused by technical issues with Meta's Admin Center and Device Manager. Users are turning to platforms like X (formerly Twitter) to confirm the outage and are reacting with humorous memes and expressions of frustration. Despite the lack of an official statement from Meta, it is expected that they are working to restore all services soon. In the meantime, users are checking X to see if Facebook and Instagram are still down.

On Tuesday, users faced technical problems accessing social media services, with Facebook users being logged out and experiencing error messages when trying to log back in. Instagram users reported that their feeds were not refreshing, and even Meta's Messaging platform and Threads app were affected. Meta has acknowledged the issue and is working on resolving it, but until services are fully restored, users will have to rely on alternative platforms to connect and share content.

As users anxiously await updates from Meta on the cause of the disruption and when services will be back to normal, the situation continues to unfold. The restoration of Indian apps on the Play Store adds another layer to the ongoing disruptions experienced by social media users worldwide.

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