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Could uncommitted or no preference voters sway the 2024 presidential election towards Donald Trump?

"Biden-Trump rematch all but confirmed as Nikki Haley exits race. Super Tuesday shows large 'uncommitted' Democratic voter base emerging."

As Nikki Haley bows out of the presidential race, it appears that a rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is on the horizon. However, a new narrative is emerging as Super Tuesday results reveal a significant number of Democratic voters opting for "uncommitted" status in light of President Biden's dwindling support.

What initially started as a localized movement in response to Biden's handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict has now gained national traction. The "Listen to Michigan" campaign has garnered support from hundreds of thousands of registered Democrats who withdrew their backing for Biden during Tuesday's primaries.

States like Massachusetts, North Carolina, Colorado, and North Carolina saw a surge in uncommitted or "no preference" votes. While this movement has grabbed headlines, political science professor Nick Beauchamp believes that these votes are largely symbolic given the current political landscape in both parties.

In an interview with Northeastern Global News, Beauchamp analyzed the Super Tuesday results and speculated on the potential impact of the uncommitted push leading up to November. He noted that Biden's performance as an incumbent president mirrors what one would expect at this stage, similar to Obama's trajectory.

On the other hand, Trump's performance falls somewhere between his 2016 and 2020 campaigns, with his field cleared early on. The key question now is how undecided voters, particularly those who previously supported Haley or DeSantis, will align themselves in the coming primaries and the general election.

The challenge lies in persuading these voters to either return to the fold or remain steadfast in their uncommitted stance. Haley's message of needing persuasion contrasts with Trump's stance of staying true to himself. It's crucial to consider that many Haley supporters were true independents or Democratic-leaning independents who may not easily sway towards Trump in the general election.

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