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LinkedIn networking platform crashes - Down updates

LinkedIn crashes with thousands seeing error message. Outage tracking service reports tens of thousands affected. Users express frustration online.

The popular networking platform LinkedIn has experienced a major crash, leaving thousands of users frustrated as they encounter an error message when trying to access the site. The issue was first reported around 9pm, with tracking service Down Detector noting a significant spike in reports.

Tens of thousands of users have been affected by the outage, unable to access their feeds and receiving a message stating 'An error has occurred'. Downdetector recorded over 48,000 reports of disruptions related to the business-oriented social network owned by Microsoft.

Users have taken to social media to express their annoyance at the site's unavailability. Some have humorously commented on the situation, with one user jokingly stating, 'LinkedIn is down! Yesterday Facebook and other social networks! The end must be near.' Another user quipped, 'I guess LinkedIn is not... linked... in... lol.'

Despite the frustration, LinkedIn's status page indicates that they are actively investigating the issue and working towards a resolution. The platform had previously experienced problems with its Sales Navigator feature on both mobile and desktop, which have since been resolved.

This outage comes on the heels of a similar incident involving Facebook and Instagram, both owned by Meta, which left users worldwide unable to access the platforms. The widespread impact of these outages highlights the reliance on social networking sites for communication and connectivity.

As the situation unfolds, users are advised to stay updated through LinkedIn's official channels for any developments. The disruption serves as a reminder of the interconnected nature of online platforms and the importance of maintaining reliable services for users.

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