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Super Tuesday 2024: Presidential candidates still in the race

"Super Tuesday" primary elections show Trump and Biden leading, with Nikki Haley's surprise performance. The stage is set for a rematch.

On Tuesday, March 5, a pivotal day in American politics unfolded as 15 states participated in their primary elections, a significant portion of the delegates up for grabs. The primaries serve as a means to determine the nominees from each party, and as the results poured in, it became apparent that a rematch between former President Trump and President Biden is on the horizon.

Students from DU gathered at a watch party hosted by Korbel and were taken aback by the unfolding events of the night. Dylan Kane, a political science major, expressed his intrigue at the dominance of Biden and Trump, labeling it as one of the most obvious primaries in modern American politics.

Attendees also noted the rise of Republican candidate Nikki Haley, with history and political science major Douglas Joyce acknowledging her unexpected performance in Vermont. Despite securing a victory in Vermont, Haley decided to withdraw from the race, stating that she had accomplished her goal of allowing Americans to have their voices heard.

In a departure from tradition, Haley refrained from endorsing Trump for the GOP nomination, instead issuing a challenge for him to earn the support of those who did not back him. Biden, on the other hand, reached out to Haley's supporters, emphasizing common ground on fundamental issues.

As the dust settles from the historical primary, a rematch between Trump and Biden looms on the horizon. Trump celebrated Haley's defeat, while Biden extended an olive branch to her supporters. With the majority of votes tallied and Haley out of the race, the stage is now set for Trump and Biden to secure their party nominations and face off once again in the 2024 presidential election.

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