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US forces deployed to enhance security at Haiti embassy and evacuate nonessential personnel

US military sends forces to Haiti to boost embassy security amid gang attacks. Haitian Prime Minister faces pressure to resign.

The U.S. military has taken steps to enhance security at the U.S. Embassy in Haiti by flying in additional forces and allowing nonessential personnel to depart. This effort involved helicopters flying to the embassy compound, emphasizing that no Haitians were on board the military aircraft. The move was made in response to escalating gang attacks in the area surrounding the embassy in Port-au-Prince, which is largely controlled by gangs.

Nonessential personnel, including diplomats' families, had already been ordered to leave in July. The recent personnel airlift may have been a rotation of staff rather than an evacuation. The U.S. remains committed to supporting Haitian police and exploring options for a U.N.-backed security deployment, despite facing challenges in these efforts.

Haiti's prime minister, Ariel Henry, has faced obstacles in returning home, with the Dominican Republic refusing him entry for safety reasons. The Dominican government cited the dire security situation in Haiti as a threat to its own stability and national security. Caribbean leaders have called for an emergency meeting to address Haiti's crisis, inviting key international partners to participate.

Efforts to form a unity government in Haiti have faced setbacks, with opposition parties and civil society groups unable to reach a consensus. The situation on the ground remains dire, with ongoing gang attacks causing chaos and insecurity. Despite commitments to hold elections and explore foreign assistance to combat gang violence, progress has been slow.

In Port-au-Prince, police and palace guards have been engaged in clashes with gangs, resulting in sporadic gunfire and civilian casualties. The unrelenting gang attacks have disrupted daily life, leading to shortages of essential goods and forcing many Haitians to seek refuge in government buildings. The challenges facing Haiti are immense, requiring urgent action and international cooperation to restore stability and security.

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