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Ex-Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman groping video with mom explained

Cuban baseball player Aroldis Chapman faces backlash for inappropriate video with his mother, leading to his departure from the Yankees.

In the United States, what Aroldis Chapman did may have caused a stir, but for Cubans, it is seen as a normal gesture to playfully interact with family members. In a recent video posted on Instagram, Chapman can be seen affectionately interacting with his mother, who Alvarez identified in the clip. The video shows Chapman lying on a couch, hugging his mother, and playfully grabbing her breasts before stopping and giving her a hug.

Chapman, who hails from Holguin, Cuba, recently signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates after stints with the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers. The incident with the Yankees in 2022, where he left the team after being left off the postseason roster, caused controversy. Chapman refused to participate in a mandatory workout before the playoffs, leading to his departure from the team.

Despite the cultural differences in how affection is shown in Cuban families, the incident with Chapman raised eyebrows in the U.S. However, for Cubans, it was not seen as a big deal. Chapman's actions were perceived as playful and not sexual in nature. The controversy surrounding his departure from the Yankees highlighted a clash of cultural norms and expectations.

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