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Jeramey Clay Jet Skiing Love is Blind reunion controversial moment season 6

"Love Is Blind" star Jeramey Lutinski back on Jet Ski with fellow contestant Sarah Ann Bick, causing controversy and backlash.

Love Is Blind star Jeramey Lutinski has found himself in the midst of controversy once again, this time involving a Jet Ski ride with fellow contestant Sarah Ann Bick. Despite initially expressing his disapproval of the lake ride, Lutinski was back on a Jet Ski just a week later, cruising with Clay Gravesande before the upcoming cast reunion.

The drama unfolded in episode nine when Lutinski and his fiancée, Laura Dadisman, parted ways following Lutinski's admission of a secret rendezvous with Bick. Despite Lutinski's claims that it was just a conversation, Dadisman remained unconvinced, especially when he failed to return home until the next morning. The tension escalated further during a cast hangout, where Lutinski engaged in a Jet Ski ride with Bick in front of Dadisman, sparking outrage among Love Is Blind fans.

The fallout from the controversial scene has solidified Lutinski's status as one of the season's reality TV villains, with Bick also facing backlash for her involvement. In addition to this scandal, Lutinski has been forced to address allegations of a secret relationship while filming the show, vehemently denying any wrongdoing.

As the Love Is Blind reunion episode looms, Lutinski, Gravesande, and Bick are expected to face a barrage of questions about their actions and decisions throughout the season. The show's popularity has soared, consistently ranking in Netflix's top 10 most-watched English-language series for the past four weeks, surpassing the viewership of the previous season.

With over 22 million views and counting, season six has outperformed its predecessor, underscoring the intense interest and engagement surrounding the show. As the drama continues to unfold, fans eagerly await the reunion episode to see how the cast navigates the fallout from their on-screen antics.

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