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UFC legend Mark Coleman fighting for life after saving parents

Former UFC champion Mark Coleman battles for his life after saving parents from Ohio house fire, daughter shares details on Instagram.

Former UFC champion Mark Coleman is currently fighting for his life after bravely rescuing his parents from a devastating house fire in Ohio. His daughter, Morgan, shared the heartbreaking details of the fire on Instagram, revealing that their beloved family dog, Hammer, tragically did not survive.

In her emotional post, Morgan described how her father heroically carried both of his parents out of the burning home before being life-flighted to the hospital, where he remains in critical condition. Despite the tragic loss of their dog, Hammer, the Coleman family is rallying together and asking for prayers during this difficult time.

The fire, which started in the kitchen of the home in Fremont, Ohio, resulted in the total loss of the house, with the roof collapsing in the blaze. The exact cause of the fire remains unknown, but the heroic actions of Mark Coleman have not gone unnoticed.

Mark Coleman, 59, is a former MMA fighter with a storied career that included victories in tournaments such as UFC 10 and UFC 11. He went on to become the UFC's first heavyweight champion at UFC 12, solidifying his legacy in the sport. In 2008, he was rightfully inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame for his contributions to the sport.

Despite facing personal battles in recent years, including a heart attack in 2020 and struggles with alcohol addiction in 2021, Coleman has used his experiences to promote healthy living and sobriety on social media. Alongside his daughters, Morgan, Mackenzie, and Skylar, Coleman continues to be a source of inspiration and strength for his family and fans alike.

As the Coleman family navigates this challenging time, they are grateful for the outpouring of love and support from the community. Mark Coleman's heroic actions in the face of tragedy serve as a reminder of his strength and resilience, and his family remains hopeful for his recovery.

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