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Watch Love is Blind season 6 reunion promo teases shocking revelation Matthew

Love is Blind season 6 reunion promo reveals shocking twists, including Matthew's pod dates, confrontations between couples, and more.

Love is Blind season 6 recently concluded with one couple tying the knot, and fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming reunion where the cast members' post-show lives will be explored. The teasers and promos for the reunion, scheduled to air on March 13 at 9 pm ET, have generated a lot of excitement among viewers.

One promo clip featured hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey revealing unseen clips from Matthew's time in the pods. Matthew faced criticism online for his interactions with two women, AD and Amber, in the pods, and the reunion is expected to delve deeper into his pod dates.

The reunion episode will also delve into Jeramey's situation, Clay's decision at the altar, and more.

In the promo, viewers got a glimpse of Matthew expressing his uncertainty about his feelings towards AD and Amber. While his connection with AD was highlighted on the show, his interactions with Amber were not explored in-depth. The clip showed Matthew confessing his feelings for AD and expressing his confusion about his choice.

During the ladies' lounge segment, AD and Amber discovered that Matthew had been saying similar things to both of them. AD was shocked to learn that Matthew had been discussing proposing to her, just as he had with Amber. The women confronted Matthew about his actions, leading to his decision to leave the show.

The reunion episode will be the first time the cast members address Matthew's actions since the pods, providing a platform for them to discuss the issue with evidence at hand.

The official trailer for the reunion hints at more shocking revelations to come. Jess and Jimmy will confront each other once again, while Trevor faces questions about rumors of a relationship outside the show. Sarah Ann and Laura will have a confrontation, and Clay will open up about his feelings for AD.

In addition to these dramatic moments, the Love is Blind season 6 reunion will cover Kenneth's decision to end things with Brittany, Jimmy and Chelsea's disagreements, AD's perspective on Clay, and Amy and Johnny's journey, among other topics. Fans can expect an eventful and revealing reunion episode on March 13.

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