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Kamilla Cardoso thanks South Carolina women's basketball teammates for timely passes

South Carolina's Kamilla Cardoso leads team to Final Four victory with 22 points, 11 rebounds. Eyes championship game against Iowa.

In a nail-biter halftime during the Final Four, South Carolina women's basketball found themselves up by just one point against NC State. Bree Hall took a moment to thank Kamilla Cardoso for catching her passes and converting them into points. In turn, Cardoso acknowledged her teammates for their exceptional passing skills that set her up for success.

Standing tall at 6-foot-7, Cardoso delivered one of her best performances for the No. 1 seeded South Carolina team with 22 points and 11 rebounds despite a leg injury that hindered her movement. Her stellar performance led the Gamecocks to a convincing 78-59 victory over No. 3 seeded NC State. As Cardoso prepares to enter the WNBA Draft after this season, she remains focused on giving her all in the championship game against No. 1 seeded Iowa.

Cardoso's dedication to the game and her team's success is evident in her relentless pursuit of victory. Her growth throughout the season has been remarkable, with career-high averages in points and rebounds. Her teammates commend her for her dominance on the court and the impact she has on their overall performance.

As the Gamecocks aim to secure a national championship, Cardoso's presence in the paint is crucial. Her agility, skill, and desire to win make her a force to be reckoned with. Despite facing adversity, such as a knee injury during the game, Cardoso's resilience and determination shine through as she pushes through the pain to contribute to her team's success.

With Cardoso leading the charge, South Carolina looks to rewrite the narrative of last season's defeat and emerge victorious in the championship game. Her teammates rely on her strength and skill to guide them to the ultimate goal of winning it all. As Coach Dawn Staley aptly puts it, greatness is a process, and Cardoso is just beginning to showcase her potential for achieving greatness on the court.

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