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Ryan Gosling, Matt Damon, Lorne Michaels initiate Kristen Wiig into SNL five-timers club

"Kristen Wiig inducted into 'SNL' five-timers club with star-studded help, receives coveted jacket. Matt Damon, Ryan Gosling, and more surprise."

Kristen Wiig achieved a significant milestone in her career as she joined the prestigious "Saturday Night Live" five-timers club during her recent hosting gig on the iconic NBC sketch show. The celebration was made even more special with appearances from A-list stars such as Matt Damon, Ryan Gosling, Jon Hamm, Martin Short, Paul Rudd, Will Forte, Fred Armisen, and the legendary creator of "SNL," Lorne Michaels.

The highlight of the evening was when Wiig was presented with her dark blue velvet members-only jacket, a symbol of her achievement in reaching the five-timers club. However, the festivities took a humorous turn when Rudd, also wearing a jacket, jokingly questioned Wiig about the infamous "five-timer sketches" featuring celebrity cameos and asked for a script.

The atmosphere was light-hearted and filled with laughter as Wiig interacted with her fellow cast members and special guests. Damon, who had only hosted twice, humorously explained how his previous hosting gigs were so impressive that they counted for multiple times, earning him a spot in the club. This led to a series of comical exchanges and confusion as other guests, who had not hosted five times, also donned the coveted jackets.

Despite the playful banter and confusion, Wiig's special guests came together on stage to sing a heartfelt song, acknowledging her accomplishments and thanking her for her contributions to the show. The evening culminated in Gosling, the next week's host, presenting Wiig with her own jacket, completing her initiation into the exclusive club.

Wiig now joins a select group of esteemed individuals, including Rudd, Stone, Hanks, Fey, Ferrell, Affleck, and McCarthy, who have achieved the milestone of hosting "SNL" five times. Her journey from cast member to host reflects her enduring connection to the show and her continued success in the entertainment industry.

As the celebration came to an end, Wiig's induction into the five-timers club served as a reminder of her talent, dedication, and lasting impact on "Saturday Night Live." The evening was a testament to her contributions to the show and her enduring legacy in the world of comedy.

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