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Warby Parker Delta Krispy Kreme SunChips Moon Pie Eclipse Opportunity

Brands like Warby Parker and Krispy Kreme are capitalizing on the Great North American Solar Eclipse with special deals and products.

The highly anticipated Great North American Solar Eclipse day has finally arrived for those lucky enough to be near the "line of totality," and brands are seizing the opportunity to join in on the excitement.

One such brand is Warby Parker, which is taking its recent announcement a step further by providing ISO-certified solar eclipse glasses to Delta Air Lines travelers at select Delta Sky Clubs in cities like Austin, Dallas, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Detroit. As part of the partnership, customers can also enjoy a discount on non-solar glasses by using the code WARBYLOVESSKYMILES for 10% off their next purchase.

According to Koen Pauwels, an associate dean and distinguished professor of marketing at Northeastern University, rare phenomena like solar eclipses present a unique marketing opportunity for brands. Pauwels explains that such events generate significant interest and online searches, providing brands with a chance to engage with both existing and potential customers in a fun and memorable way.

This isn't the first time brands have capitalized on the hype surrounding a solar eclipse. In 2017, Krispy Kreme introduced a special chocolate-covered version of its iconic glazed doughnut, and this time around, they're adding a twist with a glazed doughnut dipped in black chocolate icing, sprinkled with silver, and topped with an Oreo cookie-infused buttercream.

Similarly, SunChips is teaming up with astronaut Kellie Gerardi to offer fans a limited-edition flavor experience with Solar Eclipse Pineapple Habanero and Black Bean Spicy Gouda chips, available for just 4 minutes and 27 seconds – the estimated duration of the eclipse's totality.

In Irving, Texas, preparations are underway for the creation of the "world's largest moon pie" to commemorate the occasion. The public will have the chance to sample a slice at the Total Eclipse in the Park event, where attendees can enjoy four minutes of totality and indulge in a piece of the massive moon pie.

For Moon Pie enthusiasts, a solar eclipse survival kit is available for purchase online or at select Dollar Tree and Walmart locations. Each kit includes four mini Moon Pies in chocolate, vanilla, or banana flavors, along with two pairs of solar eclipse glasses.

To further promote the solar eclipse-themed offerings, Moon Pie and the advertising agency Tombras have collaborated on a "Sun Vs. Moon" commercial, adding to the excitement surrounding this celestial event.

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