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Purdue vs. UConn player ratings: Zach Edey, teammates performance in national championship

Purdue lost 75-60 in their first national title game. UConn's guards outplayed them, leading to a disappointing defeat.

In a historic moment for the Boilermakers, playing for their first national title, they unfortunately fell short with a 75-60 loss. The anticipation pregame centered around the matchup of the towering 7-footers, Zach Edey and Donovan Clingan, but the outcome was determined in the backcourt. UConn's guards proved to be too formidable for Purdue, outmatching them in length, athleticism, and skill.

At halftime, Edey and Braden Smith had accounted for the majority of Purdue's points, with 25 out of 30. However, the deficit only continued to widen as the game progressed, with the Boilers struggling to keep pace with the defending champions. Despite Edey's impressive performance with 16 first-half points, including a variety of scoring moves and defensive plays, he faced challenges in the second half, ultimately finishing with 37 points and 10 rebounds in his final college game.

Trey Kaufman-Renn, Lance Jones, Fletcher Loyer, and Mason Gillis all had varying levels of impact on the game, with some players struggling to match up against UConn's athleticism and defensive pressure. Braden Smith showed promise in the first half but faded in the second as UConn made adjustments, highlighting the team's overall difficulties in maintaining consistency and effectiveness throughout the game.

Off the bench, Mason Gillis, Camden Heide, Myles Colvin, and Caleb Furst provided additional support, with moments of contribution but also facing challenges in matching up with UConn's guards. Despite their efforts, the Boilermakers ultimately fell short in their quest for a national title, highlighting the competitive nature and challenges of collegiate basketball at the highest level.

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