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UConn vs Purdue national championship averages 14.8 million viewers

Women's NCAA Tournament sets records, outdraws men's championship. UConn dominates with back-to-back titles, defeating Purdue in national championship game.

The weekend was an absolute whirlwind of college basketball action, especially with the women's NCAA Tournament shattering records left and right. The pinnacle of the excitement came on Sunday, as Iowa and South Carolina battled it out in the national championship game, drawing a staggering 18.7 million viewers to ABC - making it the most-watched non-football or Olympic sporting event in history.

In a historic turn of events, the women's championship managed to outshine the men's for the first time ever. Despite this, the men's tournament still had a solid showing, with CBS Sports and TNT Sports enjoying a successful month. The opening three days of March Madness saw record viewership, and the Sweet Sixteen continued to captivate audiences as teams vied for a spot in the Final Four.

The weekend in Phoenix kicked off with a bang, as UConn's triumph over Alabama drew in a whopping 14.18 million viewers, followed by a Purdue vs. NC State showdown that averaged 11.45 million viewers. UConn's dominant performance throughout the tournament was truly a sight to behold, with a point differential of +140 - surpassing the record set by the 1995-96 Kentucky team.

One of the most impressive feats of UConn's championship run was their ability to stifle Purdue's three-point shooting prowess, holding them to just seven attempts despite their reputation as one of the most efficient teams from beyond the arc. Even with Purdue's star big man, Zach Edey, dropping 37 points, UConn's defensive strategy paid off, showcasing their adaptability and skill on the court.

When reflecting on his team's back-to-back victories in 2023 and 2024, coach Dan Hurley acknowledged the challenges they faced in rebuilding the team after losing key players from the previous year. Despite his humility, Hurley couldn't help but marvel at the remarkable journey his team had undertaken, comparing it to some of the greatest two-year runs in college basketball history.

Overall, the weekend was a testament to the thrill and unpredictability of college basketball, with records being broken, underdogs rising to the occasion, and champions solidifying their place in history. Whether you were watching on Prime Video, following along on your phone, or catching the action at work, the excitement of the tournament was palpable and unforgettable.

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