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Former NBA player Nate Robinson needs a kidney to survive

NBA star Nate Robinson facing kidney failure, needs transplant to live. Opens up about struggles, hopes to inspire others. #KidneyFailureFighter

Former NBA star Nate Robinson has been battling kidney failure for the past six years, a condition that has forced him to rely on a dialysis machine to stay alive. In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Robinson expressed the urgency of his situation, stating that without a kidney replacement, he may not have long to live.

Despite the challenges he faces, Robinson remains grateful for the treatment he receives through dialysis, acknowledging that it is what is keeping him alive. The former slam dunk champion has been candid about his health struggles, using his platform to raise awareness about kidney failure and inspire others who may be going through similar experiences.

Robinson's daily routine revolves around dialysis, a process that involves spending four hours, three days a week hooked up to a machine that cleans his blood and removes toxins from his body. Despite the discomfort and side effects that come with this treatment, Robinson remains determined to stay positive and make the most out of his situation.

In addition to dialysis, Robinson has made significant changes to his lifestyle in an effort to improve his health. He has adopted a healthier diet, avoiding processed foods and focusing on nourishing his body with nutritious meals. Through his journey, Robinson has learned to appreciate life more and has found strength in being able to share his story with others.

As Robinson continues to navigate his health challenges, he remains hopeful and determined to be a source of inspiration for those facing similar struggles. He emphasizes the importance of staying resilient and never giving up, despite the obstacles that may come one's way. Through his resilience and positive outlook, Robinson serves as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, it is possible to find strength and continue moving forward.

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