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Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Theresa Nist divorce announcement

Golden Bachelor couple announce divorce on Good Morning America. Despite still loving each other, they mutually decide to live apart.

The couple, who found love on the first season of The Golden Bachelor last fall and later tied the knot, made the difficult decision to end their marriage, as revealed exclusively on Good Morning America. In an emotional interview with Juju Chang, they shared that after many heartfelt discussions and careful consideration of their living situation, they mutually agreed that it was time to dissolve their marriage.

When asked if they were getting a divorce, they confirmed that they were indeed going their separate ways. Despite their initial commitment to making their relationship work, they realized that living apart was the best decision for both of them and their families. They explored various options, from homes in South Carolina to New Jersey, but ultimately could not reach a decision.

During the interview, they held hands and expressed that their love for each other had not diminished. They both emphasized that they still cared deeply for one another and wished each other nothing but happiness. While they acknowledged the disappointment of their fans, they hoped that their story would continue to inspire hope in others seeking love.

In the midst of this challenging time, they remained optimistic about finding love again in the future. Despite the end of their marriage, they affirmed that their love for each other would endure, and they would continue to support each other in their individual journeys. Their decision to part ways was a difficult one, but they were both committed to moving forward with love and respect for each other.

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