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Wrestling Fans Upset with AEW Handling of CM Punk Backstage Brawl Footage

AEW airs controversial CM Punk vs. Jungle Boy brawl footage, backfires with fans. Backstage drama overshadows Dynamite matches, WWE memes surface.

AEW made waves on its April 10th episode of Dynamite by airing backstage footage of CM Punk's controversial brawl with Jungle Boy at All In. The decision to showcase this footage was met with mixed reactions from fans, who felt that the angle backfired on AEW.

Initially, fans were led to believe that the Young Bucks would present footage from All In as a swerve, but reports from Dave Meltzer confirmed that the segment was indeed about CM Punk. The brawl between CM Punk and Jungle Boy ultimately led to CM Punk's departure from the company.

This decision to air the footage came on the heels of CM Punk's revealing interview on The MMA Hour, where he discussed his issues with AEW and differences between AEW and WWE. While some speculated that AEW's motive was to embarrass CM Punk, president Tony Khan clarified that it was part of a storyline.

Despite the attempt to integrate the footage into ongoing feuds, fans felt that the segment was forced and detracted from the quality of the show. Some even likened it to tactics used by WCW during the Monday Night Wars. The backlash extended to WWE superstars, who shared memes in response to the segment.

While opinions on the segment are divided, it's clear that the decision may not have been the best for AEW in terms of fan reception. The chanting of CM Punk's name during the show indicated a lack of engagement with the current product. Additionally, AEW's actions against video reposts of the brawl on Twitter/X added to the negative perception among fans.

In conclusion, AEW's choice to air the All In footage had repercussions that were felt both within and outside the wrestling community. The fallout from this decision highlights the delicate balance between storytelling and fan satisfaction in the world of professional wrestling.

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