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Sabrina Carpenter Confidence Suffers After Heartbreak

Sabrina Carpenter opens up about struggling with heartbreak for the first time, finding her confidence, and focusing on having fun.

Sabrina Carpenter opened up about her struggles with heartbreak, revealing that she questioned everything about herself after going through a difficult breakup two years ago. In a candid interview with Zane Lowe for 'New Music Daily', the 24-year-old singer shared that she was in a completely different mental state during that time, feeling lost and unsure of herself.

The 'Almost Love' singer admitted that it took her a while to recover from the heartbreak and regain her confidence. She spoke about the importance of trusting oneself and not letting others' opinions overshadow one's own. Sabrina emphasized that self-discovery and self-acceptance take time but eventually come with ease.

Despite the challenges she faced, Sabrina has found a renewed sense of confidence and is now focused on enjoying life and having fun. She is currently in a relationship with actor Barry Keoghan and emphasized the importance of maintaining her sense of self and not relying on anyone else to feel whole.

Music has always been Sabrina's passion and priority, with the pop star stating that it has been a constant source of understanding and comfort throughout her life. She has always been dedicated to her music career and sees it as a fundamental part of her identity.

Through her experiences with heartbreak and self-discovery, Sabrina Carpenter has emerged stronger and more self-assured, ready to embrace life and all its challenges with a newfound sense of confidence and determination.

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