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Melania Scorned BFFs Differ on True Feelings Towards Stormy Daniels Trial

Melania skips husband's trial, ex-BFF hints she doesn't care. Will she show up at all? Scandalous details revealed! #MelaniaTrump #Trial

Melania's absence on the first day of jury selection for her husband's hush-money trial has raised questions about whether she will show up at all. It seems unlikely, as she has not been seen with Donald Trump since his third campaign in 2022.

Her former BFF and White House aide, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, hinted on social media that Melania may not care about Donald's extramarital activities. Wolkoff shared a photo of Melania on a private plane during Donald's presidency, suggesting that she is aware of his behavior.

Despite the scandal, Melania has not publicly commented on the affair or attended any of Donald's legal proceedings. She reportedly called Wolkoff after Stormy Daniels' interview on 60 Minutes, focusing on Stormy's appearance rather than the content of the interview.

Donald Trump, facing multiple criminal indictments, is the first former U.S. president to face such charges. The trial includes accusations of falsifying business records to cover up his affair with Daniels. The judge issued a gag order, which Trump has already violated by attacking witnesses and the judge's family.

Melania has remained silent on the matter, with former aides expressing concern about her reaction to the scandal. She has only made a few public appearances with Donald and has not committed to appearing more frequently. The coverage of the affair and trial has been humiliating for Melania, according to sources close to her.

Despite her previous statement that the allegations were not a concern for her, Melania's absence from the trial speaks volumes. Donald sits alone in the courtroom, with Melania nowhere to be found once again. The mystery of Melania's true feelings towards her husband's legal troubles continues to intrigue observers.

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