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Michael Douglas Catherine Zeta-Jones Seduce Kids Lavish Trips Just a Treat

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones enjoy traveling with their adult kids, Dylan, Carys, and Cameron, creating precious family memories together.

Michael Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones are proud parents to their children Dylan, 23, and Carys, 20. The couple enjoys spending quality time with their kids and are grateful that their children still enjoy traveling with them. Recently, the family spent five weeks in India over Christmas, and they are already planning their next adventure.

During an interview on Today with host Savannah Guthrie, Douglas expressed his joy in being able to spend time with his adult children. He mentioned how special it is that Dylan and Carys willingly choose to hang out with their parents. Douglas humorously mentioned that they may be enticing their kids with exciting travel destinations, but ultimately, it's a wonderful experience for the whole family.

In addition to their children together, Douglas is also a father to son Cameron, 45, from a previous relationship. Both Douglas and Zeta-Jones frequently share heartfelt messages on social media to celebrate their children's milestones. On Dylan's 23rd birthday, Douglas expressed his love and pride for his son, while Zeta-Jones shared a touching post reflecting on the joy her son brings into her life.

Zeta-Jones has also spoken about the incredible support she receives from both Dylan and Carys. She feels blessed to have such loving and caring children who not only support her as an actress but also as a person. The family dynamic continues to strengthen, and Zeta-Jones believes that life with her children only gets better with each passing day. Their bond as a family is a source of immense joy and gratitude for the couple, making every moment spent together truly special.

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