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Joslyn DeFreece discusses bond with Laverne Cox in new film

New York actor Joslyn DeFreece opens up about her transgender journey in emotional short film "Pieces of Me." Inspiring and powerful.

In a powerful and emotional short film, New York actor and activist Joslyn DeFreece opens up about the challenges she faced on her journey to embracing her identity as a transgender woman.

The film, titled "Pieces of Me," was created by PFLAG in honor of Transgender Day of Visibility. It weaves together current interviews with DeFreece and her family members with footage from her youth in Omaha, Nebraska.

In one poignant moment from the film, DeFreece, known for her roles in "The Whitlock Academy" and "Strange Angel," reflects on meeting Laverne Cox for the first time. She describes the actress, known for her work on "Orange Is the New Black" and "Inventing Anna," as "my first trans friend."

"It was the first time I'd met another trans person, someone like me, who shared my interests," DeFreece shares in the clip. "Having someone to connect with, to talk about our passions, our lives, and to support each other in our careers, meant everything to me."

Directed by filmmaker Nick Oceano, "Pieces of Me" aims to foster empathy and humanize the experiences of transgender individuals, especially in the face of threats to LGBTQ+ rights in conservative areas of the U.S.

Oceano explains, "We wanted to show that when trans and nonbinary individuals are accepted and loved for who they are, they can truly thrive. By sharing Joslyn's authentic and vulnerable story, we hope to reach those who may not otherwise understand the importance of acceptance."

Throughout the film, DeFreece shares her hope that her journey will resonate with young people who feel misunderstood or unsure of their identities. She emphasizes the importance of representation and wishes she had seen stories like hers when she was younger.

"Pieces of Me" is a moving and heartfelt exploration of identity, acceptance, and the power of storytelling to create understanding and connection. Through DeFreece's journey, viewers are invited to reflect on their own experiences and the impact of embracing authenticity and vulnerability.

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