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Masquerade individualistic effort

Transition from theo-centricism to anthropo-centricism ushered in modernism, but industrialisation led to individual insecurity and societal futility. Email [email protected].

The transition from the theo-centricism of the past to the anthropo-centricism of the Renaissance and the helio-centricism of the Copernican revolution marked a seismic shift towards Modernism. In this new era, individual spirit took precedence over collectivist endeavors, ushering in a revolutionary and iconoclastic spirit.

However, the initial euphoria of modernism soon waned as heavy industrialization and corporatization led to the exploitation of individual effort, causing insecurity and uncertainty in man's pursuit of self-preservation. The myth of Sisyphus encapsulates the essence of post-modernism, highlighting man's existential struggle in a world where personal security is the mortal's greatest enemy.

Allama Iqbal's poetry underscores the futility of individualistic efforts, emphasizing the importance of collective unity and societal cohesion. Parochialism and self-delusional self-preservation can lead to moral and monetary corruption, threatening the very fabric of human society.

In the global arena, nations like Israel prioritize self-preservation at the cost of humanitarian concerns, echoing the themes of Shakespeare and Marlowe's works. The US's interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan reveal the dangers of vested interests masquerading as noble causes, leading to moral ambiguity and geopolitical unrest.

It is crucial to distinguish between individual efforts for personal gain and contributions towards the common good. The pursuit of self-interest at the expense of others can lead to moral decay and a culture of entitlement. In Pakistan, political leaders often manipulate public opinion for their own agendas, perpetuating a cycle of self-serving behavior and ideological manipulation.

Ultimately, the balance between individualism and collectivism is essential for societal harmony and progress. By prioritizing the greater good over personal gain, individuals can work towards a more equitable and compassionate world.

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