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Dan Rather returns to CBS News for first time in 18 years

Dan Rather returns to CBS after 18 years, reflects on career in interview before Netflix documentary on his life.

Dan Rather made his return to CBS News after 18 years in a reflective interview on "CBS Sunday Morning." This marked his first appearance on the network since his bitter exit, following a controversial investigation into then-President George W. Bush's military record. Despite leaving under a cloud, Rather expressed his love for CBS and his longing to be back since the day he departed.

Having spent 44 years at the network, with 24 of those as the anchor of the "CBS Evening News," Rather's departure was marred by the fallout from the botched investigation. The documentary "Rather," set to debut on Netflix, chronicles his illustrious career, from covering major events like President John F. Kennedy's assassination to his rock star interviews on HDNet.

Despite the challenges he faced post-CBS, Rather remained engaged in journalism and embraced social media as a platform to express his views. He reflected on his legacy, emphasizing the importance of family and friends in shaping one's life. Through his interview and the upcoming documentary, Rather's enduring impact on journalism and his eventful career are highlighted, showcasing his resilience and passion for the field.

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