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World News: US Police Enter Columbia University, Arrest Protesters Occupying Campus Building

Pro-Palestinian protesters arrested at Columbia University by NYPD officials, escalating tensions as students chant "Free, free Palestine" while being detained.

Pro-Palestinian protesters at Columbia University in New York were arrested by the NYPD officials after they entered the premises on Tuesday night, as reported by The New York Times. The tensions at universities across the US have been escalating, with the arrests occurring hours after protesters had taken hold of a campus building. The demonstrators had stormed and occupied a building on Columbia University's main campus, where they flew a Palestinian flag from Hamilton Hall.

The officers entered Hamilton Hall through a second-floor window and led the protesters in zip ties into law enforcement buses parked near the campus. The university stated that the facility had been vandalized and blockaded, leaving them with no choice but to call the police to campus for the second time in less than two weeks. The student protesters were taken off the campus one by one by NYPD officers, with their hands tied at the back with zip ties. As they walked out, they chanted, "Free, free Palestine."

A group of police officers remained at the university campus, particularly outside Hamilton Hall. The NYPD arrived at Columbia University just after 9 pm on Tuesday and began dispersing the encampment. Special police teams used a large vehicle and a ramp to enter Hamilton Hall through a window where the demonstrators had flown a massive Palestinian flag in place of the US flag on Monday.

Columbia University has become the epicenter of protests, with at least 200 students barricading the university's entrance. The situation remains tense as both protesters and law enforcement navigate the ongoing demonstrations and arrests on campus.

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