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Ryan Garcia failed drug test Haney win report

Boxer Ryan Garcia failed drug test before big fight, denies cheating, blames herbal supplement. Explosive victory over Devin Haney.

American boxer Ryan Garcia recently made headlines when it was reported by ESPN that he failed a drug test just before his highly anticipated victory over undefeated WBC super-lightweight Devin Haney last month. The test revealed the presence of the banned substance Ostarine on the day before the April 20 bout in New York, as well as on the morning of the fight. Additionally, Garcia also tested positive for another banned substance, 19-norandrosterone, although this result is still labeled as "unconfirmed."

The details of the test results were disclosed in a letter obtained by ESPN from the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), the organization responsible for overseeing drug testing in boxing and mixed martial arts. Ostarine, the banned substance found in Garcia's system, is commonly used to prevent muscle loss and improve lean body mass, often prescribed for women with breast cancer.

Despite the positive drug test results, Garcia managed to secure an upset victory over Haney by knocking him down three times during the fight, ultimately winning by a majority decision. It is worth noting that Haney's title was not on the line due to Garcia being 3.2 pounds over the weight limit at the weigh-in.

In response to the allegations, Garcia vehemently denied any wrongdoing in a social media post, adamantly stating that he does not cheat and questioning the timing of the drug test results being released after the fight. He expressed frustration, claiming that he has never taken steroids and does not even know where to obtain them. Garcia also suggested that a tainted herbal supplement, specifically "Ashwagandha Root," may have been the cause of the positive test result.

Overall, the controversy surrounding Ryan Garcia's failed drug test has sparked debate within the boxing community, raising questions about drug testing protocols and the implications for his career moving forward. Despite the denials and explanations provided by Garcia, the situation remains murky and unresolved, leaving fans and experts alike to speculate on the true nature of the events leading up to his victory over Devin Haney.

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