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Jeff Mayweather: Canelo Can't Handle Benavidez - Boxing News 24

Canelo Alvarez's high price tag and reluctance to fight David Benavidez make a match against Terence Crawford more likely for Saudis.

Canelo Alvarez's recent victory over Jaime Munguia has sparked discussions about potential future opponents, with trainer Jeff Mayweather weighing in on the possibility of a matchup with David Benavidez. Mayweather expressed doubts about Canelo's ability to defeat Benavidez if he were to get hit as much as he did in the Munguia fight.

Canelo has made it clear that he would only consider facing Benavidez if the financial offer is right, with reports suggesting that the Saudis are more interested in a showdown between Canelo and Terence Crawford due to the cost involved. This alternative option could be financially lucrative while being more affordable than a clash with Benavidez.

Despite his victory over Munguia, Canelo's performance was deemed less convincing than expected, with concerns raised about his low work rate during the fight. Judges' scores reflected the close nature of the bout, with one judge scoring it narrowly in Canelo's favor and the other two judges seeing it as a more dominant win for the super middleweight champion.

Jeff Mayweather's analysis of a potential Canelo vs. Benavidez matchup highlighted the risks involved for Canelo, given Benavidez's size, punching power, and activity in the ring. Benavidez's status as a true light heavyweight presents a significant challenge for Canelo, who may be hesitant to face such a formidable opponent at this stage of his career.

In conclusion, the discussions surrounding Canelo Alvarez's future opponents underscore the complexities and considerations involved in selecting the right matchups for the boxing superstar. While a showdown with David Benavidez may pose significant challenges, alternative options like a potential fight with Terence Crawford could offer a more financially feasible and competitive path for Canelo's next move in the ring.

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