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Tubi launches Stubios to empower emerging filmmakers and engage fans

Tubi's new Stubios initiative empowers young creators and fans to shape original content, with mentorship from Issa Rae and brand integrations.

Tubi, the popular streaming service owned by Fox, has become a favorite among a new generation of content consumers due to its diverse media library and lack of financial barriers. Now, Tubi is taking things to the next level with the launch of Stubios, an innovative initiative that empowers young creatives to create original long-form content for the platform.

Stubios invites emerging filmmakers to apply to be Stubiorunners, giving them the opportunity to bring their vision to life on a major streaming platform. Viewers can participate in the process by signing up for a free Stubios account and providing feedback on various aspects of the production. Their input will play a crucial role in determining which projects move forward.

Tubi is committed to supporting creators who may not come from traditional Hollywood backgrounds. The platform is looking for individuals with social followings who have a story to tell, regardless of their experience in the industry. Stubiorunners will receive compensation for their work, as well as mentorship from industry insiders like Issa Rae.

In addition to empowering creators and engaging viewers, Stubios also offers opportunities for brands to connect with the coveted Gen Z demographic. Tubi is exploring unique advertising integrations that align with the platform's mission of promoting diversity and inclusion.

As Stubios continues to evolve, Tubi aims to create a self-sustaining platform where creators and fans can collaborate to bring fresh and innovative content to audiences worldwide. By democratizing the filmmaking process and prioritizing diversity, Stubios represents a new era in content creation and audience engagement.

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