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EA Sports College Football 25 deluxe edition release date

EA Sports College Football 25 is set to revive the franchise after 11 years, featuring current players and schools in digital storefronts.

EA Sports College Football 25 is on the horizon, marking the return of the beloved college football video game franchise after an 11-year hiatus. Fans eagerly await the release of the game, scouring digital storefronts for any hints of what's to come.

Recently, the PlayStation Store featured a listing for EA Sports College Football 25, unveiling a possible cover for the deluxe edition. The cover showcased six current players, a first for the franchise, sparking excitement among fans.

Meanwhile, the game has also made its way to the Xbox store, although a release date is still pending. The Xbox listing differs from the PlayStation one, adding to the mystery surrounding the game's launch.

The cover features standout players like Donovan Edwards from Michigan, Travis Hunter from Colorado, and Quinn Ewers from Texas, among others. The image captures players emerging from a tunnel, with subtle hints at other schools like Penn State.

While the exact details remain unclear, it's confirmed that Penn State will be featured in the game, with players like Nick Singleton already confirmed. As fans eagerly await a release date, it's expected that EA Sports College Football 25 will hit shelves this summer for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch owners may miss out on this installment, but there's hope for future releases on upcoming consoles. As anticipation builds, fans can't wait to dive back into the world of college football gaming with EA Sports College Football 25.

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