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Google Play upgrades, developers, phone hacked

Google Play adds new features to detect hacked phones, improve app visibility, and expand payment options for developers.

Google has introduced new features to the Play Integrity API that will alert developers if their Android apps are operating on untrusted devices. This will help developers identify potential security threats before users notice any issues. In addition, Google has enhanced its software-development kit console to cover more SDKs and streamline app checks before they are released.

These updates come as Google faces lawsuits alleging market power abuse, prompting the company to make Android more open to alternative app stores and direct downloads from developer sites. Play Protect will now automatically scan sideloaded apps for malware, providing more security for users.

Developers will also benefit from new features aimed at improving app visibility in the Play Store. They can now customize listings based on a user's device, search terms, and receive keyword suggestions for optimization. Additionally, developers can create immersive presentations with personalized recommendations and promotions to attract more users.

Google has expanded payment options on Google Play, including support for mobile payment options like Brazil's Pix. Customers in India can now request payment from friends or family members outside their Google Family group via text or email. Developers can now price items on Google Pay up to $999.99, but users are advised to consider their purchases carefully before spending that much on digital items.

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