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Lorraine criticizes King Charles portrait as 'ominous' from gates of hell

Lorraine Kelly slams King Charles' official portrait, comparing it to a villain and saying he looks like he's from hell.

Lorraine Kelly has openly expressed her disapproval of the first official portrait of King Charles since his coronation. The painting, created by British artist Jonathan Yeo, aims to capture the monarch's transformation from Prince of Wales to King, but has sparked mixed reactions across the nation.

During a segment on her ITV show, Lorraine, 64, shared her thoughts on the portrait, stating that she felt as though the King, 75, was staring at her "from the gates of hell." The portrait has been met with criticism online, with comparisons being drawn to villains from Ghostbusters and Han Solo frozen in Star Wars.

Lorraine admitted that she is not a fan of the portrait, mentioning that seeing it in person may alter her perception, but for now, it's a no from her. The portrait was commissioned in 2020 to commemorate Prince Charles's 50 years as a member of The Drapers' Company in 2022.

Unveiled at Buckingham Palace, the portrait showcases Charles in the uniform of the Welsh Guards, of which he became Regimental Colonel in 1975. The use of the color red in the portrait was inspired by the Welsh Guards' uniform, giving it a more contemporary feel, according to Yeo.

One striking element of the portrait is a butterfly hovering over the King's shoulder, added at Charles's suggestion. Yeo explained that the butterfly symbolizes metamorphosis, reflecting the King's passion for nature and the environment.

Following the unveiling, Yeo humorously mentioned that Charles joked about being a chrysalis when they first met, adding a light-hearted touch to the occasion. The Queen expressed her hopes that the portrait will be seen by many people.

Overall, the portrait of King Charles has sparked a range of reactions, with Lorraine Kelly's candid opinion adding to the ongoing discussion surrounding the artwork.

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