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Scottie Scheffler police report: Officer hurt while trying to stop golfer

PGA golfer Scottie Scheffler arrested after altercation with police officer at Valhalla Golf Club, facing charges including assault and reckless driving.

The police officer involved in the incident with Scottie Scheffler on Friday morning outside the entrance to Valhalla Golf Club was taken to the hospital with injuries to his left wrist and knee, including pain, swelling, and abrasions, as reported by Louisville Police.

Scheffler, who was arrested just hours before his second-round tee time at the 2024 PGA Championship, faced charges of second-degree assault of a police officer, criminal mischief in the third degree, reckless driving, and disregarding signals from officers directing traffic. These charges consisted of two misdemeanors, one violation, and one felony for the assault on the police officer.

The police report indicated that the officer tried to communicate with Scheffler, but the golfer failed to comply and instead accelerated, causing the officer to be dragged to the ground.

ESPN's Jeff Darlington revealed that the incident stemmed from a traffic misunderstanding that led Scheffler to try to drive past the officer into Valhalla Golf Club. The officer then tried to stop Scheffler by attaching himself to the car, resulting in Scheffler stopping at the entrance. Following a confrontation, Scheffler was handcuffed and detained in a police car.

Steve Romines, Scheffler's attorney, stated that Scheffler was simply following instructions to enter the golf course with his media credential when the incident occurred. The situation escalated quickly, leading to Scheffler's arrest and detention.

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