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Iran president death: What we know so far

Iran's president and foreign minister die in helicopter crash. Shock waves felt around the region. Search and rescue efforts impeded by weather.

The tragic helicopter crash that claimed the lives of Iran's president and foreign minister has reverberated throughout the region, leaving many in shock. The incident, which occurred in a foggy, mountainous region of Iran's northwest, resulted in the deaths of President Ebrahim Raisi, Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, and several others.

Reports from Iranian state media indicated that the helicopter, carrying Raisi, Amirabdollahian, the governor of Iran's East Azerbaijan province, and additional officials, crashed while returning from a trip to the border with Azerbaijan. The crash site was located in the Dizmar forest in East Azerbaijan province, where the wreckage of the Bell helicopter was found, claiming the lives of eight individuals, including three crew members.

Search-and-rescue efforts were hindered by the challenging weather conditions, with heavy fog and mountainous terrain complicating operations. Despite the difficulties, 40 search teams were deployed on the ground, as aerial searches via drones were deemed impossible due to the weather.

The discovery of the helicopter and its occupants was not made until early Monday, following an overnight search. Turkish authorities released drone footage showing a fire suspected to be the wreckage of the helicopter, located south of the Azerbaijan-Iranian border on a steep mountain. Additionally, footage from IRNA showcased the crash site in a mountain range, confirming the tragic outcome.

President Raisi, seen as a potential successor to Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, had a significant role within the country's Shiite theocracy. With his passing, the Iranian constitution dictates that the first vice president, Mohammad Mokhber, assumes the role of acting president until elections are held within 50 days.

Countries around the world, including Russia, Iraq, and Qatar, expressed concern for Iran's leadership and offered assistance in the search operation. Azerbaijan's President Aliyev, despite strained relations with Iran, also extended support. Saudi Arabia, traditionally a rival of Iran, and the U.S., which has a history of tensions with Tehran, offered condolences and support to the Iranian people in this difficult time.

The tragic crash of the helicopter carrying Iran's president and foreign minister has left a void in the country's leadership and has prompted an outpouring of support and condolences from the international community. The impact of this loss will be felt far and wide, as Iran navigates the aftermath of this devastating event.

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