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Judge tells Trump witness Robert Costello before clearing court

Judge briefly closes courtroom during Donald Trump's criminal trial after admonishing witness Robert Costello, sparking viral reactions from Trump.

Judge Juan M. Merchan made a bold move on Monday afternoon by temporarily closing the courtroom where Donald Trump's criminal trial is taking place. This decision came after witness Robert Costello repeatedly irritated Merchan during his testimony with muttered comments and speaking out of turn.

Costello's behavior reached a breaking point when he made a frustrated remark, to which Merchan responded with irritation. The judge then took a stand, emphasizing the importance of proper decorum in his courtroom. He reprimanded Costello for his disrespectful actions and demanded respect for the court proceedings.

The tense situation escalated when Merchan cleared the courtroom, forcing reporters out into the hallway and cutting off video access to the proceedings. However, the trial resumed shortly after, with both jurors and reporters returning to the courtroom.

After the trial adjourned for the day, Trump referred to Judge Merchan as a "tyrant" for his handling of Costello. Trump expressed his hope for the dismissal of the case, labeling the trial as a "disaster for our country."

The courtroom drama highlights the high stakes and intense emotions surrounding Trump's criminal trial. It serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining respect and decorum in legal proceedings, even in the face of heated disagreements. The clash between the judge, witness, and former president underscores the complexities and tensions inherent in high-profile trials.

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