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Wuthering Waves Official PC Launcher Release

"Exciting news for gamers! Wuthering Waves gacha game release date confirmed for tomorrow. PC players can now download game without Epic Store."

The journey of Resonators in developing Wuthering Waves has been a long one, spanning three years of hard work and dedication. The highly anticipated release date of this new gacha game has finally been announced - it will be available tomorrow, May 22, 2024, at 7 PM (PT). Excitement was further heightened during the Reveal Livestream, where it was revealed that a pre-download option would be available at the end of the show.

Initially, it was stated that Wuthering Waves would only be accessible on mobile and PC. However, Kuro Games has surprised many by offering PC players an alternative to the Epic Store launcher. By downloading the official Launcher for PC from the Kuro Games website, players can now enjoy the game without having to use the Epic Games interface. The availability of the game on macOS is still pending, with an approximate date yet to be announced.

The pre-download for Wuthering Waves on the PC Launcher is 18.26GB in size, a reasonable amount considering the vast amount of content the game offers. Comparatively, Honkai Star Rail's initial version was around 30GB, while Genshin Impact now occupies approximately 73GB. These sizes are to be expected for games with intricate mechanics, numerous events, and expansive open-world environments. With Version 1.0 of Wuthering Waves promising a wealth of content, players can anticipate an immersive experience as they embark on Rover's adventure in the west. Get ready to dive into the world of Wuthering Waves and prepare for an unforgettable gaming experience like no other.

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